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Relationships and Dating

Improve your relationship skills with our free programs

relationships advice   Managing a relationship requires skills that come more easily to some couples than others.  Our relationship improvement program is for individuals and couples who know that their relationship is not as good as they want it to be and they want to improve it. We also provide relationship information and advice for individuals who are dating and who are seeking to establish romantic relationships.
Start the process of improving your relationship by taking the Relationship Diagnostic Questionnaire to identify where you need to improve your relationship. Start now or read on...

Improve My Relationship FREE QUIZ

Do you share decision making and chores, provide  extra support when required, allow each other freedom, really listen to each other, give each other positive feedback? Start the quiz


Improve My Dating   FREE QUIZ

What are your attitudes towards romantic relationships and do you possess the personality and skills to be successful in dating? Take the quiz and get your free report. Start the quiz

Good relationships are good for you. People in supportive, loving relationships are more likely to feel healthier, happier and satisfied with their lives and less likely to have mental or physical health problems. Most people want to have a stable long-term relationship but the statistics show that it is difficult to achieve.  One in three first marriages ends in divorce as do two in three second marriages. Recovery from a marital/relationship breakdown is usually slow.

It often takes two to three years for a couple whose relationship has broken up to put their lives back together again. After splitting up, many people say they wish they hadn't. Four out of ten people regret their divorce five years later and say with hindsight that they think it could have been avoided.

How could divorce have been avoided? We think a successful marriage or partnership requires knowledge and skills about how to create and sustain a stable relationship. We developed the 6-step Relationship Improvement Program to help couples develop these skills - skills that will improve and enrich their relationships.

The Relationship Improvement Program gives you:

  • simple techniques to help you make dramatic improvements in the way you communicate and support each other

  • advice on how to share your views and feelings without getting into arguments and fights--covering critical dos and don'ts

  • an in-depth relationship screening which shows how your relationship compares to other people's relationships and where you need to make improvements

  • guidance on how to reach agreement about specific things you need to change

  • insight into the knowledge and skills you need for a permanent happy relationship

  • a full refund if your relationship hasn't improved substantially in 60 days

 Start now or read more about the structure of the program. More...